Education, Denegration, Degradation

I surely can’t be alone in thinking that once again Education in general (and teachers in particular) are once again to be the scapegoat for the failures of our political masters. The announcement in the Commons today by Ed Balls of moves to bring in an MOT for teachers (re-assessment every five years, couched in the tough language of ‘weeding out’ poor teachers) is unthinkable in any other profession. Whereas other professions have licence systems they are a good deal more highly paid – and the present systems for assessment of individual teacher are exacting enough. I’m appalled also by the poor journalism which suggests, in unsubstantiated manner, that thousands of teachers would presumably fail such a means of assessment. The notion that this is about elevating the profession to the same heights as other professions is cynical and laughable. I watch dedicated teachers work themselves into the ground to maintain both the highest of standards and the administrative requirements of the government and local authority. I fail to see how already overworked head teachers will be able to take on the further administrative burdens associated with this. Over the last twenty years I suggest that no sphere of our national life has improved as much as the education we offer our children and young people. Yet teachers continue to be fair game as a government seeks to distract us from its own failures. I look forward to similar proposals being put in place for those in the financial sector.DSCF7197


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