Jeremy Corbyn? The Very Thought!

So, Labour Party, do you have the guts to see this through?

My suspicion is not, but I would love to be proved wrong. Already your centre-right is speaking behind their hands of coups before Christmas, as if they have an automatic right (sic) to lead the party, for to do otherwise would be to render Labour ‘unelectable.’

But in Jeremy Corbyn we have something else. A maverick, certainly – but someone who articulates another view – a view which speaks against the inexorable and prevailing ideological tide, where since 1997 everyone has been centre-right whether they wanted to be or not. And I look at the other candidates for the Labour leadership and I despair. They are all the same, cut of the same cloth, giving the same glib answers, ensuring that the politics of caution rules over the politics of the people. So, do you have the guts to elect him, and stick with him when he loses the next election? Because the indications are that he will.

But what could Mr. Corbyn, or a credible and gifted successor, do in the space between now and 2025? He could change the tenor and tone of political debate in this country, that’s what. He could restore some contact and trust within the grass roots of British politics, who feel increasingly disconnected from the glib, slick half truths on either side of the House. People are not voting because they are not being listened to, and politics is being run – here and elsewhere – for the benefit of corporations. Corbyn is someone different from the herd, and for that alone he is attracting attention. It may well be that to elect him means losing the next election. But that may happen anyway, and I really can’t see any of the other candidates doing much better. So let him do it, let him take on the vested interests in both the Conservative and Labour Parties. Let him be a genuine alternative, someone who will allow the English to vote for someone with a more radical agenda (Why should Scotland and Wales have a monopoly on that?) Why, his election might just start to roll back the SNP in Scotland, and bring back a politics which is no longer scared to make mistakes in the quest for truth and good, democratic, accountable Government.

Just a thought.

But then again, the Labour Party hasn’t been brave for a long time now. So they’ll probably bottle it.


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